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Seriious - Guns & Butter lyrics

You know the problem with you lil n***as ?
You think you know everything about the damn world but you don't know sh**
Well I see you got yourself a lil business goin' well that's good, that's good
You make that paper
But when you makin' paper you gotta learn some rules to go with it
You gotta learn the difference between guns and butter
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There are two types of n***as in this world : there are n***as with guns and n***as with butter
Now what are guns ? The guns, that's the real estate
That's stocks and bonds, artwork. You know sh** that appreciates with value
What's the butter ? Cars, clothes, j**elry
All that other bullsh** that don't mean sh** after you buy it
That is what it's all about, guns and butter baby!
You lil dumb motherf**ers

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