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Seriious - Hennessy at 3am lyrics

[Verse 1]
You know a n***a lay back chillin'
Thinkin' of a millions ways that I can make a million
I can't explain the feelin'
But I can tell your b**h that I'm the man
So you better understand
If I see her there's one hell of a chance, that you take it
Cause she gon' end up taken
Right back to my suite, where she gon' end up naked
Ain't no fakin' till I make it f** everybody that's hatin'
Cause I started from the basement now my life is a vacation
Dedication in a prayor to the man upstairs
My flow is unfair so they can't compair
These kicks so rare like there's only one pair
You can hate me but I promess that you're b**h gon' stair
High life I'm livin' the fly life
My n***as we in here it's crazy how time flies
[?] got bright eyes, wrist lookin' like white [?]
Trynna take mines, you gon' f** around and die twice
Bang bang n***a! I promess that I don't ganbang n***a
Ask the homies they'll tell you that I ain't changed n***a
Chasin' after dreams I don't chase fame n***a
You the same lame n***a rockin' fake chains n***a
It's crazy, I grew up in the 80's
Born in the city but the I.E made me
I ain't sayin' that I'm the greatest but I'll soon be your favorite
And for all the women not showin' no interest
You can save it, I made it
sh**s gettin' critical, dash all digitals
Thousand dollar frames make these gangs wanna get at you
Mama ain't raised no dummy
Only thing I care about is my son and his money
And a couple real n***as
I'm paralized cause I don't feel n***as
You ain't keepin' real that's why they don't wanna chill with you
Bottles to the sky, I'm glad to be alive
She get on top I hope she down for the ride cause
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I got these lil n***as quotin' me but that's how it's supposed to be
The devil trynna get close to me, diamonds in my rosary
Real n***as know a G, when they see a G
But I ain't braggin' b**h I'm just saggin' sippin' Henessy

[Verse 2]
Yeah I'm from the land of the fly
So high n***a f** around and land in the sky
She tell you that she ain't about fame she a liar
You should've seen that n***a face when he seen her in her ride
Rolly on clean, paid a couple for the jeans
A couple hundred n***a if you don't know what I mean
Gold chain [?]
What you mean she rollin' up tree, shady with the team
Shout out my n***a Mike got the fade lookin' clean
Keep a couple k**ers with me in case a n***a make a scene
California native, I'm a California player
Representin' for my coast, still got California haters
Don't get me wrong I ain't a k**er but push me tho
I love p**y but I swear I ain't no p**y bro
Audio Push [?] load it when the kush is low
[?] so hit me if you trynna book a show
No freebies my n***a I need that sh** fast
I dodgin' this life like them n***a that used to skip cla**
First I get cash, then I get a**
Word to my n***a Chase I'm trynna get rich fast
b**h I'm ballin', hit my n***a with a quick pa**
Then roll a unce, I'm trynna see how much this sh** last

It's Double motherf**in' I n***a
BOW Gang boogie

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