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Semi Six - Ravana's Royal Rumble lyrics

Attend a florid oratorical in pimp clothes
And nympho's that perform private strip shows
Haters fall
I'm sharper than a razor yall

Acceptin' my award at the players ball
Ya shawties amorous flirtin' with the kingpin
I'm just a glamourous surgeon with the inkpen
My girls eager to pat me down
She's lookin' like Pam Grier did in Jackie Brown

Its Semi Six plenty chicks get turned out
Summer time in Bell Isle doin' burn-outs
I'm more precious than gold picked up a shawty in a Lexus and rolled
Its simple the best is me
Make ladies trimble with ecstasy
I'm bout to drop you fakes
Let me stop you wait
I'm the one that told ya parents to copulate
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I'm bout to get paid lots from hittin the stage watch
My shawty set it off like Vivica A Fox
The flows ill I fold bills with cold sk**s
Got scrila
Shoes made of Godzilla
Toured the city in an elegant ride
I'm rockin a grey coat made from elephant hide
For that fresh sh** you know i let the cash drop
Like North Africans I always keep the hash hot
I'm ‘98 Michael Jordan with the last shot
I blast off like riffle power
I'm spittin on the game from the Eiffel Tower

Its always a great day after smokin' some AK in the calm breeze on the beach with some palm trees
Things never go badly yo
Like a daddy-o you know I drove the cabrio
Models like to grab me slow
Rock j's with the khakis bro
I do this with my dogs like Shaggy ho

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