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Semi Six - OBSERVE lyrics

You like how I perfect that flow
Shouldn't even sweat that yo
Bob ya head til ya neck crack slow
Respect that bro

Ever since I placed the mic into my frozen hand
I've been the chosen man controllin' a golden plan
Explodin' lands and minds still get
Spine chills roamin' mine fields
Where bombs vegetate
At this weapon rate every step could detonate

I often stop weak writers in my office spot
Bosses drop In Street Fighter I can toss Sagat
I cross the plot
Right before they call Salat I floss the Glock to shoot heads like Revolver Ocelot

Yall in lobby still under us
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Shotty still thunderous
Im Bobby Seale with a blunderbuss
Yall ain't sh** to my crew
I'll make ya head stick to my shoe then break ya legs like Skip to my Lou

In Bombay where ariel bombs spray
Im Huey Newton to a John Frey
Chokin' sons keep my hand off pot
k** a man on spot
Smokin' guns like I'm Randolph Scott
I'll rake yo wig so state yo biz and keep yo peso's hid
I draw faster than the Waco kid !

Get involved in my lifestyle
Life's wild
Sharp as nights Owl
Im hovering crooks sketched like coloring books
Khrysis on the beat Semi6 is covering hooks

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