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Semi Six - Medallions lyrics

I'm the Lords gift
Name tatted on a whores tits
I score chicks like Halle Berry in Sword Fish
I'm gorgeous my portraits in the Forbes list
Racin' home Dayton chromes on the Porches
Makin' poems Waylon Jones on the Forces
While you clean a aisle, I stay sharper than Mileena's smile at a diamond heist with Selina Kyle
Yo I earn mine!!!
I serve lines perfect then fiends moonwalk after the first hit!!
When my arrows impugn/ you lay flat like a Pharaoh in tombs
Im hot as smack in a Heroin spoon /visit Rio De Janiero in June
As I step out the blue Benzo my new nympho rolled the coupe window and blew Indo
New pen flow
Spin dough for loot and info
I shoot the pigs slow and get green like Lou Ferrigno
Im writin' scenes that enlighten beings, precise and clean, like a**a**ination with a ricin bean

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This is the pa**ion of christ, the flashin' of lights
The slashin' of mics, burnin' caskets at night
Hash in a pipe, mixed up crushed up aspirin and white
Hallucinations of lucifer laughing flash in my sight, horrific

I'm bout to rip you in four pieces so lord jesus
Please ignore this thesis i'm pourin' leaches on gory beaches
Forty speeches of satanism and tainted wisdom
Painted prisms on the walls of all these ancient prisons

I shackle whores and tackle bores in the back of stores
While you cats are bored in your wack Ford bumpin' macklemore
I've mastered the flow gats blast at the pros
Your casket is closed i sport a mask and a robe

I scored a hottie in a porter potty, the whore was naughty
sh**ted on the b**h after i tore her body
Left her remains in a foreign lobby at four in the morning
With swordsman who gores kids with warrants probably

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