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Semi Six - FLY lyrics

Imma young, fly,n***a
Like Churh's Chicken logo Imma star
We be workin', y'all lazy Tracy McGrady eye
Everyday I try escapin' the hoods clutches
We be droppin' sentences they callin' us good judges
I be, on top yo head, you look like BBC logo
I'm simply spittin' some fire like Scorpion with his mask off
Imma pick the bag up
You gone drop the bag off unless you "Ready To Die" like Chris Wallace?
You betta smarten up like Stones Throw n get knowledge
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My sh**s polished...
Females leavin the nail salon
My style is Land O' Lakes my profession ain't makin butter
Semi sixer always pop n' bang on the way in brotha
I made it clear like soles on 11s I'm shinin like 3M on 13s
Cross and swish like Waldo you lost in this
Big picture that started from big bang theory I got Big Ang near me tell these n***as whaddup!

Cuz we some young,fly, n***as
Sittin sippin henny blowin loud
Easily identify us in crowds

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