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Semi Six - Can't Stand the Rain lyrics

Yo its the rap Calvin Klein design rhymes by trade
n***as flip out, flip tables for the rhymes I made
So stand back grands stack when I roll the dice
I'm always camera ready n pose nice on show nights
My whole attire is hotter than yoga fire
You know the name roll the strain spittin' the yoga flame
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I spit rhymes n a hundred hands clap stand back I'm E.Honda with a hundred hand slap
Handsome as Vega with the mask off, I'm last seen with ya girl if the a** soft
Grippin' this ho's spine while sippin' this cold wine I'll write a pilot episode n send it to Show Time
Caress the curves on Adriana La Cerva spit a rhyme n stir ya with words that I serve ya
Feel relief when I fold the cash rolled the gra** every time I spit a rhyme its hotter than a yoga blast

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