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Semaj Williams - Week # 8 Journal lyrics

9-30-2013: No connection to

10-1-2013: I read this book called Shiloh. It's about a boy that have a dog but this guy dont want him to have it, so he try everything in his power to try to get the dog. Shiloh is a smart unique dog and him and the boy was very close.

10/2/13: I read about how Lebron James grew up as a child.He showed me that it'stake determination to get where you need go in life. Lebron talked about his struggles growing up in a town where he didn't have much. He said that basketball was the only thing that kept himoff the streets. Lebron said that he's very proud that he had an chance at something better in life
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-This story that i read has made me look at life a little bit diffrenet and to chase after my goals

10/3/13: I had finally finished reading about Lebron James. He talked about how the decision he made was the best. Lebron also talked about how he had people to support him in all his decisions. Lebron say faith is all he need and thats how he get threw life. I respect Lebron as a role model,because he taught people to never give up on your goals.

10/4/13: Today i read about Oprah, Oprah has been threw a lot growing up and she was very determine to stay focus on the the important stuff in her life. She went to Chicago for a new start where she landed her fist major gig. People look at her as a powerful leader. Oprah inspire me to do the right things and everything in my life will be alright. Im proud to say that listening to her voice make everything seem so simple and that theirs hope where ever you look.

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