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Sean Danielsen - The Freaks Are Coming lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Never questioned anything about the way that you were raised
Keep your life so plain, everything the same
Every sunday take your kids to church just like your folks did
Don't let them complain and never go insane

You're scared of the changing world round you
But you know what to do

So lock your doors and shut the blinds
Cause you know that the freaks are coming
Cover your ears and close your eyes
Cause you know that the freaks are coming
Don't let your kids be hypnotized
By the way of the world that you live in
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So lock your doors and close your mind
So the freaks can't get in

[Verse 2:]
Bleeding questions all the time wondering about this life
Show them the christian way, keep them nice and safe
Public school is not for you, there's too much s** and drug abuse
It's a scary place, those people have no chance

[Pre-Chorus + Chorus]

[Bridge x2:]
Look away you'll be fine, don't let the evil of this world in your mind
Try to stay in the light
These freaks are wrong and you know you're that right


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