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Sean Craig beats - Doc Shebeleza (Remix) lyrics

[Verse 1: Talib Kweli]
When I come to your town who gonna clown?
Proof in the sound and the boots on the ground
You shootin' for the moon, I'm bringin' Jupiter down
You always blow smoke like a hookah around
Slowpoke while runnin' at a fast pace
That's why you stayin' in last place
I'm harder than a nipple when it lactate
You never reach third base
That's why we always givin' you the cash face
See I met your alter ego, African blood is in my DNA
These rappers actin' like the lead in a play
Never know who they gonna be today
I pray to God, no not the paper
In my Chevrolet I'm bumpin' Doc, Doc Shebeleza
Vacation in [Turkekegos?]
Stay sharp with the church in the plain clothes
Party rockin' bought the whole damn party shop
Chop it like a body shop, better get made over
What up Durban? What up Cape Town? Man I love S.A. bro
Johannesburg holdin' me down, Newtown, Pimville and Soweto
Stay faithful, live by the cove, I catch a face full of thirty seven O's
All alone like a dog when he burying a bone
Cry to your mom, better hurry on home
b**h n***a I do this
This music for the movement, helpin' you to cut through the confusion
Ca**per said hop on the remix, it's nothin', show me where the booth is

[Hook: Ca**per Nyovest]
Shebeleza, Doc Doc Shebeleza (x3)
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In my 325 like I'm Doc Doc Shebeleza
[Verse 2: Ca**per Nyovest]
Now can you believe it, I dropped a track on some free sh**
Now rappers turn parapalegic
Shoutout to [C-Sic?] I heard these haters is preachin'
Tell ‘em to s** on my penis
Should I repeat it? (Tell ‘em to s** on my penis)
I got a hit every season, I will remain undefeated
Shoutout to Tata Madiba, I'm outchea abusing the freedom
High as the ceiling, why should I mention the features
It's already clear that I beat ‘em
Back to Refiloe they singin' my songs in Zimbabwe
I'm rappin' the naughty
Can't keep it sealed, 200 carat [?]
I cannot explain the feelin'
Me and Talib on the remix, me and Talib on the remix
Man I got some demons, I am addicted to females
I f** ‘em for no f**in' reason
I say it, now f**in' believe it
Berries, vanilla and peaches, berries, vanilla and peaches
Still tryna give Boitumelo a baby and no one can stop me
My album is bout to go gold, I heard you sold 200 copies
Maaaaan, this what they be hatin' on
Mama Yvonne Chaka Chaka say this her favourite song
I'm doggin' everyday, [?]
I wake up every day feelin' like Doc, Doc, Shebeleza


Still winnin', still winnin'

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