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Sean Bentley - Rich lyrics

[Hook: KT Rasta]
Told my n**gas we gone get rich (Yeeaah)
I want them diamonds on my wrist (Yeeaah)
Forgiatos on my whip (Yeeaah)
Man I'm balling like a b*tch (Yeeaah)

[Verse 1: KT Rasta]
Man I'm balling like a b*tch (Yeeaah)
I be balling with my b*tch (Yeeaah)
Ning ding, that's my b*tch (Yeeaah)
High as hell off the sh**s (Yeeaah)
Lean got a n**ga slumped (Yeeaah)
Got them choppas in the trunk (Yeeaah)
You gone get a n**ga bumped (Yeeaah)
Sit in the back not in the front (Yeeaah)
Cause yo' a** is too damn loud (Damnnn)
On the E-way blowing loud (Damnnn)
In the club blowing loud (Damnnn)
I told yo' b*tch to wipe me down (Damnnn)
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[Hook: KT Rasta]

[Verse 2: KT Rasta]
I just hit the lotto (Yeah)
Time to buy some forgiatos (Yeah)
Then we buy a couple bottles (Yeah)
Remy Martin for the models (Yeah)
Hopped right off the porch
I landed in a Porsche
When I first hopped off that porch
They handed me that torch
Then you know I take off
Like I'm Migos, call me Quavo
I got k**ers in them bando's
They gone shoot you if I say so

[Hook: KT Rasta]

[Outro: KT Rasta]
Man I'm balling like a b*tch

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