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Sean Bentley - Off the Juice lyrics

Yeah, yeah
Sean Bentley(Sean Bentley)
Balling with the n***as yeah
You already know where they at
Yeah I be balling with the n***as yeah (balling with the n***as yeah)
(Balling with that baby)
[?] with my n***as yeah
(And D.G.)
Balling with my, balling with my n***as yeah (balling)
Balling I be balling (let's go)

Balling with my n***as but we never lose (never lose)
I be [yelled?] up, I be off the blues (off the blues)
Sipping on the [?], sipping on the goose
Cause I need to smoke a blunt, We off the juice (off the juice)

[Verse 1: Gee The Rapper]
Off the juice
We off the juice (juice)
Hit the club, pulling up
I'm the dude (I'm the dude)
Like Gerber food
You know DollaBaby
Floating my mind a spaceship
Feeling like I'm amazing
I'm waiting for that day that I'ma be on with [?]
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Caking, getting chicken right off the bone eating
Filet mingon; I do it for all my homies

[Verse 2: DollaBaby]
Rise up on the n***as I'm the hip-hop zombie
Five, four, three on the beat [?] ([?])
Counting on the [?] on the [?] still I walking
I'm talking, peaking off a pill
Finessing on these hoes they at my feet just like a [still?]
Hey, Hey (let's go, let's go, let's go)

[Hook] 2x

[Verse 3: Gee The Rapper]
It's been a minute since I [linked?] with DollaBaby (DollaBaby)
You know we out here hustling for them dollas baby (dollas baby)
Pursuing my rap dream y'all can call me crazy (call me crazy)
It don't bother me I love the way you all hate me (all hate me)
Tell me why you hate me
I think I get it now, it's just cause you ain't me (ain't me)
But I ain't got no words 'bout a thing lately (lately)
Cause the double L's got me real f**ing hazy (hazy)
(let's go, let's go, let's go let's go)
You [?] [?] [?] hit it but I'm [?G-thing]
Double [?] you could say that I'm leaning (leaning)
And if I say I'm getting money b**h I mean it (I mean it)
We gone be at the top one day better believe it,(come on, come on) you gone see it


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