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Sean Bentley - New Regime lyrics

[Produced by Sean Bentley]

[Hook - 2Eaze]

Campaign for me, Yeeeaaaaaa!
They see the way Im moving so they know that this the New Regime
Ain't a thing to me
To take control and have em' bring all that money to me

[Verse 1]

I got what they looking for, I got what they need
You better best believe, that the city gon' remember me
Im the Hottest out, these n***as be lien but we won't call em out
Im in a whip that need a green card you see me pulling out
Or pulling up, club going crazy I can not get enough
That's how it go, when you the star everybody showing up
Doja Puff, Im getting to lifted, I think Im blowing up
I got a lot on my mind and half of them is crime
Which is fine, watch me double up, money on my mind
I pay these n***as no mind cause their shorty's on my line
They know wa**up, cause the bank Im filling up
When you see me boy salute, I make it clear Im absolut
Loyalty is all I ask, Interfere and we gon' blast, you know that
On a mission for the Guala, get it, spend it, then I make it back
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That fast, year by year this gon' last
Listen to the Revelation, see my whole life flash


[Verse 2]

This the New Regime shout out to the DJ's
Gotta send a couple bottles cause the message they relay
We don't Play, Got the money coming ándale
If they don't wanna move with us we gon' push em' of the ledge
Let em' feel it, yup yup, I know that you gon' feel it
Tryna leave with me, so I told her "Girl Conceal it"
I know she think Im fly cause she say Im so conceited
I just do my thing best believe it
Still got the dope and the people still need it
It's obvious that Im here to stay, It ain't no secret
Had to rush the door, making noise, no more sleeping
Now I got the key to game safe keeping, I won't let it go
Live and direct from your stereo
Determination, That is all I know
If they didn't hear me gotta let them know
Determination, That is all I know


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