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Screen Genius - Director Profile : Sergio Leone lyrics



Dollar, Dollar bill Y'all

Whenever anyone says that making a perfect trilogy is impossible, counter with this series. This series not only perfected the 'Man with No Name concept'

The greatest shot shot in the history of cinema.

"...the eyes are the most important element to me. Everything can be read in them..."

The Meta Masterpiece

After making the Dollars Trilogy, Leone felt he was done with Westerns. However, Paramount pretty much blackmailed him into making it (for funding on his next film.) And thank Odin they did.
Quite simply, Once Upon a time in the West is in my opinion the standard bearer for the Western genre. The plot is riveting, filled with twists and turns. The acting is fantastic, with at least 4 performances that are worthy of study and the direction is flawless. Every single shot is included for a reason with no throwaway moments.
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The film becomes even more exceptional when you consider all of the callbacks, references and tropes that Leone deliberately included.

The film was even aware of its actors by making the lead villain 'play against type.'


- eyes

- build up of tension

- widescreen


- the greatest football advert ever

- Being referenced by everyone ever

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