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Screen Genius - Better Call Saul Q & A lyrics

When is it coming out? It's slated to come out in early 2015. It was originally scheduled for a late 2014 debut, but was pushed back so that the writers could tighten everything up. No one likes waiting, but these writers have proven that they are at their best when given ample time to flesh out a storyline, so don't be too concerned about the delay. So it's like a funny Breaking Bad, right? Yes and no. The writers have described the show as a "very funny drama", but it's still a drama. The comedy is probably going to derive from Saul's personality and good sense of humor, but the show itself is about a lawyer struggling to make ends meet, so it should be pretty serious thematically. It probably won't get quite as depressing as some of the low points in Breaking Bad, but don't come into this expecting a true comedy. Who has been cast and as whom? (New characters in bold) Bob Odenkirk - Saul Goodman
Jonathan Banks - Mike Ehrmantraut
Michael McKean - Chuck Goodman
Rhea Seehorn - Kim
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Patrick Fabian - Hamlin
Michael Mando - Nacho How does it connect to Breaking Bad? Aside from including many of the same characters, it seems that the series will be set in and around New Mexico, circa 2002. This is six years before Breaking Bad's story begins, as Vince Gilligan finally came clean about the time period. Will the plot continue to be non-linear? It certainly appears it will. Breaking Bad became famous for its excellent usage of flashbacks and flash forwards, and since the show's writers have all proven to be fond of the technique, I'm sure we'll see more of this. This leaves a lot of wiggle room for the writers, as it allows them to introduce new characters, reveal more about the past of old characters, and give us a glimpse into the fate of some of BB's best known characters. Is it true Saul isn't yet "Saul"? True. We learned the first time we meet him that "Saul's" actual last name is McGill, and the writers have revealed that he will be going by his actual name, Jimmy Mcgill, in the early stages of the show. It appears that the main story arc is going to focus on how a down-on-his-luck lawyer named Jimmy McGill transformed into the larger-than-life Saul Goodman whose face is plastered on every billboard and park bench in ABQ. What about Walt? This is the question that's on everyone's mind. Since the show is going to be set before, during, and after the Breaking Bad timeline, it's certainly possibly the writers could bring Walt back if they'd like, but it appears they are only interested in doing so if it feels authentic. Are we going to learn more about Gus Fring? Drug kingpin/fried chicken mogul Gustavo Fring built up an almost mythical reputation on Breaking Bad, mainly because so little was known about his back story. Since Mike was his right-hand man and Saul was the one who first introduced Walt to Gus, it's certainly possible the two could tell us more about him, especially because the writers seem to have interest in doing so. But Gilligan has cautioned us that Saul might not know Gus as closely as we may think, so don't get your hopes up. Anything else? Well, there is this "Better Call Saul" music video if you need something to tide you over until the release.

12/22/2014 Update

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