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Screaming Mechanical Brain - Gloryhole lyrics

Close your eyes and pray to the lobotomized
A tiny enigmatic hole unraveling a pristine life
Open your head and take without uncertainty
Just reach in and tear away your cerebral virginity


Oblivious to what can be plainly seen
Ignore what could disorganize the workings of your machine
I am here to drill this in you
To sodomize your piece of mind, destroying everything you do

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I did it for the glory

Try to stay focused, try not to deviate
Stick to the straight and narrow; it's never failed you before
'Til now what you built brick by brick with your own ignorance
Falls to the ground, keep one thing, just one thing in mind at all times

There's one reason, one motive
One reason, one motive

I did it for the glory

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