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Screaming Mechanical Brain - Fat Arnie B lyrics

Well I once knew a man, named Fat Arnie B., he rolled into
town and took a
bite out of me, he pulled up to the window, ordered burgers
galore, but when
I asked him for the money, he put the pedal to the floor,

Honk if you got a big fat a** was his motto and his creed,
but his fat sweaty
a** was much much more than any one man could need, now
there's nothing more
amusing than a big fat man in an economy sized car, with the
wheel in the
middle and the wipers on the inside, you know he won't get
too far
Fat Arnie B. Fat Arnie B. all the burgers in the world for
Fat Arnie B. Fat Arnie B. processed meat fills him with glee

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Now let me tell you a little story about some friends of mine
that once upon
a time went to the fine establishment known as White Castle
to get some of
their delectable burgers. When they got outside they happened
upon a very
fat man stuffed into a very small car. He beckoned them
closer, looked them
in the eye and said "you too look like a couple of swingin
players, but you
and fat enough to get all the b**hes like me, but if you
work real hard, in
10 years, you'll be wearing the jimmy" astounded by this
advice they inquired as to the fat man's name so is to
acquire more of his
nuggets of wisdom in the future. He gave a little chuckle and
said "My name

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