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Scream Silence - Ebony Sun lyrics

weepin' colors pa** me by
weaken by the time
the cherry clouds so gently like
a giant chime

a million pilgrims climbs my head
hunting my fears
they whisper "wish he would be dead"
so softly in my ears

i've never feared my ebony sun
when freezin my veins
when winds me in chains

i've ever seen my ego stars
the tears in your eyes
that you can't disguise

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the scavengers are waiting for
the sunset glow
and when the night lies on the floor
they follow me below

in fear of god they sealed my lips
hiding my cries
a poem on my fingertips
will hopeful left a sign

[Bridge (spoken):]

hundred voices calls my name
"what kind of insanity could create
something dreadful abberation of human behavior"
and while the wooden fishes kiss my lips
the faceless cubeheads a**igns me to my final chair
"something dreadful abberation of human behavior"

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