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 - (2000)
Alive Through Pain (You Expose the Core) *
Another You
As Long As You Are There
Back from the Grave
Baron In The Trees *
Black Gift
Boxman (Home) *
Boxman (Mr. Niles) *
Boxman (The City) *
Bruno Bars
Caring Line
Carry You
Chemical Reaction
Club C'est La Vie
Colony Collapse (A Sign for You) *
Dancing in the Fate
Don't You Forget Me
Driftwood *
Fake rap
Fallen (Mercy for You) *
Falling Apart
Fame for Sale *
February *
Feeling Inside *
Go / On *
Guest *
Happy Sad
Hard Life, Simple Song
Hazing Out
Heavenbound Train
Hole In The Scene
I Keep On Running
I Know Everything About You
I'll Be Your Home
I'm Not Strong Enough to Love You Again
In Heaven
Independent (How You Can Be Loved) *
Intro ~ Hate Songs *
It Ain't That Bad
It Only Happens (When I Look at You)
Jaded Eyes
Jesus Is Coming Soon
Judas Claim *
LA Lindsay
Lean On Words *
Learned Helplessness (Can't You See a Way Out) *
Let Me Be The One
Liar's Truth *
Life Can Wait
Life Can Wait
Love & Hug
Love Is All Around
Man In A Trap
Melancholy Miss
Melrose (remix)
Miss Violence *
Mouth 2 Mouth
My Love/Your Soul *
Near You *
Never be the Same
Never Ending Story
On The Other Side
Owner Of My Heart
Pain to Love (You Never Made a Sacrifice) *
Perfect Days *
Pretty Thing
Public Stage
Reach Inside
RocknRoll Radio *
Roman P. *
Sacred Things
So Alone
Something Stupid
Something Stupid's Going On
Spirits and Ghosts
State Man *
Take Good Care
Take My Hands
Tears in Rain
Temur *
Ten Sharp
That's It I Mean It *
The Flight of a Butterfly
The Isle Of Everywhere
The Sha-La Bandit
The Woman You Are (There Is More Than You Expect) *
Theme of YOU
Thin Line
Think Again
Thoughts For Naught
Today You Died (Did You Know Who I Am) *
Two Women *
Vampires *
Walk Softly
What You Wanna Do *
When I See You
Where You Live
World, You And I
You (1975) *
You (1987) *
You (2008) *
You (You Without Yourself) *
You Don't Believe Me (The Dream You Can Follow) *
You Got A Hold
You Got All the Aces *
You Make My Life
Young Love
Your Body Callin
YOUR STEP -Japanese Version-
抱いてセニョリータ - 2014 version -

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