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Saruman of Many Kronics - The Get Down lyrics

[Stephen Genes the Magnanimous]
Steve Genes on the Dream Team
Rising straight to the top like the true cream
I'm cooler than cool beans and hot like I'm preteen
Tight like I'm sardines - now check it
Let's be truthful, I dominate sh** like metamucil
My flow goes hard - take a bite and chip a tooth, fool
Go on and make yourself useful
Straight from the roofs, I'm the gallows and the noose

[DJ Oatmeal]
I'm telling news on the mic
Like Walter Cronkite
And to all you other rappers who all sound alike:
I'm the flow-faster master, a Katrina disaster
On the charts I outlast ya and I move right past ya
Because I'm front and center, the feature attraction
And I rhyme so fast that you need closed-caption
It was nice to meet ya, but now I'm going to eat ya
Because I slice you up and 'put it in the pizza'

[Saruman of Many Kronics]
They call me Saruman of Many Kronics
Electric Pokemon aren't effective against Onyx
You might catch me watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Or dropping fresh beats like Milton Babbitt
Smooth like pahoehoe, sharp like A'a
For those who aren't hip that's 'liquid hot magma'
Telling fresh tales like Geoffrey Chaucer
Blowing your mind like a flying saucer
No, I'm not tripping and I know I'm the best
And I don't give a darn if I fail my driver's test
Dark Star into Truckin' into Wharf Rat to Dark Star
Gotta take a leak but I'll return like Jafar

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[Tater Chips]
Smoke three joints with the Grateful Dead
Ate a log a cheese with a gun to my head
k**ed twelve hookers for a loaf of bread
Turned water into wine, bless ya a** with lead
No, my rhymes ain't swag - they Panama Red
Crossed the Sahara Desert with a dog and a sled
Got a million man army that's very well fed
When it comes to Danson, I'm just like Ted
Drink a forty ounce on Calvary where Jesus Bled
Sold my soul to Satan in a tool shed
Fix your lacerations with a needle and thread
Had your sister, wife, and grandma naked in your mamma's bed
My drug of choice is Sudafed
Grab a stack of fan mail for the daily shred
Put a bomb in the ignition of your moped
No one want to hear your rhymes, they listen to mine instead

[J. Rage-a]
Ninety-nine percent of the ladies can't be wrong
Got girls climbing my legs trying to get to my schlong
Just step back, take a seat, and take a number
You got to take turns to get a piece of this lumber
Yes, I know I'm fly, and my whip is Intriguing
And I'm sure that you've heard of all the paper I'm receiving
But you got to ask yourself if you can hang with the Rage-a
When you make up your mind, just hit up my pager

[Stephen Genes the Magnanimous]
Virgin inside the flower, yet hours of golden showers
My stream of pee is retarded, I'm the sh** and I farted
No, I don't eat man meat because I'm a vegetarian
But if you're very thin and you cum real quick
I'll s** that dick fo sho, though
No homo!

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