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Saruman of Many Kronics - Potbellies lyrics

[Saruman of many Kronics]
We don't have potbellies - but we're fat
We don't have sonar - but we know where it's at
We're not radioactive - but we'll melt your face
Saruman - Steve Genes
We rest our case

Phantom Menace striking back lyrics rushing like Zerg
Did I break your concentration? I hope it was insured
If you're having rhyme trouble, I feel bad for you son
I've got 99 problems but a bridge ain't one
If I had my druthers, I'd pen another with precision
Don't have Shinigami eyes but I'm a man with vision
Step off fool; I serve only Ner'zul
Call me Silmarillionaire, I ride dirty like the Nazgul
I'm neutral good with maxed lyrical dexterity
You hosers s** more than gravitational singularities
Are you asking for a challenge? or have I misunderstood?
You're out of your element; doubleplusungood!
I stole fizzy lifting drinks; I'm 1337
You're still fumbling through basic grammar lessons
Are you thick as a brick? are you out of your gourd?
Steve Genes is here to teach you the fear of the Lord

[Stephen Genes]
Girl, your butt is like a crayon
So cray, 64 shades
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Draw all day, sharpen on the back
Keep the tips tight, talking bout the big box
Girl, that a** is like a crayon
So cray, 64 shades
Draw all day, sharpen on the back
Keep the tips tight, open up a big box
Doodle all night

The beat- it's a steamer like Cleveland
Believe what you read when it's written in my semen
b**h please, You know my skeet is mac and cheese and you're a vegan
So only artificial creamin', only california dreamin'
Like Benson, I'm Breezin'
Breathin' rhymes instead of air, I'm the best there, I'm first chair
Plus I got chest hair, big testes - yes a blessed pair
Thanks Engine make you blank stare

[Saruman and Stephen Genes]
Tater's rhymes are Windows 8, yours are MSDos
Reel MC's lines will strike you down like in Paradise Lost
Oatmeal is lumpy, he's the Scrumbletown prince
Half Mast is a blast in the a** from the past
2k10 knows when, what year is it again?
Rage-a's the spell-caster, like Macaulay the Pagemaster
Tangerines rips out your spleen, makes you live in a latrine
4 Broz shows bust more guts than KISS
If you're gonna spew, spew into this

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