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Sarah Àlainn - RADICAL DREAMERS lyrics

The shadows of the past consume my heart
A knowing light is trembling in those tender arms
I've come so far only to be apart
Wandering to every corner of time Your sorrow found its way into my life
A million years across another sky
A nameless face seeks for you day and night
Traveling alone into the edges of time Hope is fleeting, fainter than evening dew
through the gloom I search for you Endless darkness echoing far and wide
But I'll always be here
on your side A promise lies behind an open door
The faintest glimmer of a light in your soul
The name you used to call you'll know no more
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Precious I know, you'll be wherever I go May this silent prayer reach beyond the stars
through the dark to where you are Hope is fading, memories washed away
Still I'll find you one day Dream the dream you dream !
Live the life we dreamed !
Dream the dream you dream ! Searching for you
Till I find you ! Dream the dream you dream !
Live the life we dream !
Dream the dream that you dreamed ! Searching for you
Till I find you ! May this burning flame light the frozen stars
take me now to where you are Ever searching, wandering into the vast
till I'll find you at last Lead me to
your heart

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