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Samuel David - The Day Before Easter lyrics


I sit down and flip a page or two
My whole damn life is up in this journal
March 18, 2005, I was a happy lil' guy living a happy lil' life
Fast forward in time, 2k16 arrives
I wrote the words, "I want to die."
The page is stained from all my cries
And all I could do was f**in' lie
I think I'm fine, just drown my sorrows in wine
And take a baddie to dine, or pop an Addy or nine
Thought about doin' some lines, or f**in' turnin' to crime
Just to feel like alive, I f**in' need a sign
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This music sh** saved my life I guess
Cause now I won't ever stop til' I'm the best or I'm dead
Never restin' in bed like I did when depressed
I couldn't sleep at all cause then the demons came in
They told me, "Leave all the sin, you're f**in' bleedin' again
You need to quit with the pen, your heart you gotta reach in
You're way off in the deep end, your life it f**in' depends
On your will to live it." Listen to em'? I f**in' didn't
My soul has some dents
Sorrow chilled, didn't even pay rent
I didn't have an outlet until I found out, yet
That rap's the perfect medium to just yell and to vent


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