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Samuel David - Brunch lyrics

They say I'm about to be on this year, but I was never off
They say I ain't gon' ever blow up, but they f**in' wrong
They said I was a pretty boy, but I cut my locks from long
They said I was f**in' ugly, now I'm f**in' bald
I keep the Android so that they all know I'm real
A broke boy from Bethesda, still I p**y k**
I gotta watch for Drake, cause all the flows he steals
I'm cutting off the fakes, snakes won't even feed me a meal
Back when I was hungry, who f**in' had my back?
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Yeah that man Matt
And that's a straight fact
Y'all lack the realness, and it's sad to see
It's a tragedy, if you don't f** with me
Yeah they miss out, but we all so gucci
Hop up in a Delorean, test drive it, then I get crooked
Sticker slap the Paria, see twelve, and then we book it
L.Y.B.B, A$AP Twelvyy, all y'all b**hes shooketh
You'd rather see me bummin' dollars for lunch
Now I'm taking boujee broads for brunch

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