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Samuel David - b**hes Fawn lyrics

Y'all just wanna change everything that I'm on
"Fix this, fix that, and it'll be a better song."
My verse is a Lil Uzi, cause I do what I want
And when the beat starts, I'm cruising, and b**hes fawn
I look at y'all with disapproval like get off my lawn
Rap game done got snatched, and it won't be long

I got the ransom money
And I'm too handsome buddy
Evolution, on my Kid Cudi
I'll be the flyest who's ever done it
Hop up in any booth, and that's some murder, too bloody

And I'm OG, OG meanin' that's what I smoke
And Charmin f**in' called, they said they tried sendin' a note
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Cease and desist, straight to your home
They trademarked that soft sh** about fifty years ago

I'm done toleratin' bummy basic-ness
Call me Ryan cause I'm makin' a damn list
Wrong me and that's a tech with the a**ist
Cause I'll spray these words like a nine
Bangin' dimes, no a**ist
If we get done f**in', feel free to tell ya sis
About that bomb D ya got, bomb D ya gon' miss
Cause after a smash or two, that p**y is monotonous
No, not on some Compton sh**
But Kendrick's the God emcee, I had to acknowledge it
Dreamin' of the day I can spar with K Dot
Make em' say woah God
I'll see y'all at the top

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