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Samuel David - 4:00 In The Morning lyrics

[Verse 1]
Your man said I was too raw
I flow on instrumentals
I'm sorta like a mirage
You can't see me, I'm too gone
Sandwiches got Grey Poupon
Wait no I'm broke, they do not
These b**h-made boys I flex on
I'll grab your wrist, Rolex pawned
She hit a switch I say, "God, how does an a** look that good?"
Ooh, let's move on
The flow is like waterfalls
I swear I'm sayin' truth, y'all
Got aces to my flush cards
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I'm just like Rush Limbaugh
I hand it off, you fumble
You discount, like coupons
Your old b**h, you snoop on
It's time to just move on
Don't be mad, she too glad, got dick from a real one
If I'm single, she's single, guess I'mma steal one
Come throw hands, if you sad, I'm just tryna have fun
You had a girl, key word, "had" one
Thought she was too good, turned her to a bad one
Talk about the kid, they just say he's a rad one
b**h it's the first round, zero to one

[Hook and Verse 2 Unreleased]

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