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Salina Cano - Oh No lyrics

(Oh no x8)

I'm in love with Los Angeles
I'm in love with her soul
I'm in love with the nightlife baby
I love rock 'n' roll

Cheer down everybody's goin' fearless
No one's gonna count it out
There's gonna be a lotta people gettin' high tonight

One named Sheila, one named Stephanie
Goddamn them girls gonna get to me
I spent all my time chasin' women around


Hold everything stop right there
Silence your mind, be aware
All the people of the world are here
Los Angeles, California
That's where
Rise up and hold on to your dream man
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Chorus of language
You understand man?
Downtown to Hollywoodland
Sunset, Pico, Vermont to Rosecrans


(Oh no x4)


Ya' ain't gonna read this in the papers
Or your local TV newscast
And this city can break ya' and take ya' down
But my crew were built to last
Call it what you want
Call it what you will
Dumb luck but still
We're here by will, yeah
Open my eyes crystal clear
Grab my Newports, smoke in the air


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