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Salina Cano - Lady Demeter lyrics

Baby, I love you
This is true, it is true (it is true)
Oh baby, I know you don't feel as I do
As I do (as I do)

A burning angel, she's as hot as fire
She can go all night and never tire
Ella necessitava una me amigo, I was for hire
Esto es lo que quieres, what's your desire?
And the girl's in the club 'til they shut it down
She's got her crew comin' over, thinks she runs the town
Things are gonna get crazy, so stick around
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She's a restless soul, trouble bound


I found her downtown at the station
She bought one ticket for her destination
And I ain't comin' with her, sad situation
And I'm back on the row of desolation
How many lines, and how many times
And how many dimes got dropped on that crime? (right)
And then you rewind all the time and you see all the signs say that girls lyin'


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