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Salina Cano - Into Action lyrics

Into action

Let's get movin' into action
Let's get movin' into action
If your life's too slow, no satisfaction
Find somethin' out there, there's an attraction
If you hesitate now, that's a subtraction
So, let's get movin' girl into action

We take the 43 bus, we got no plans, (naw)
The girl in the miniskirt, her name's Suzanne, (right)
The one in high heel boots is Sharon, (uh-huh)
And Karen is the one with the blonde wig on
And with a bullet, man, we're going number one
And I don't need any money to have any fun


We take the trans-bay tube on the Richmond line (yeah)
Leave S.F. at eight, East Bay by nine
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We may run out of money tonight, never out of time
Harmon Street we kick it gonna Adeline
It's anybody's guess how late were gonna run
We go all night alright to midnight just begun


Well we showed up on the scene, we tried to warn them
That your days were over and your ship was sunken
Respect to New York, respect to London
But we're from California and our state stays golden

We're gonna dig dig dig in deep hold our sacred ground
When the music come playing then you jump up, jump down
If you hook up the speakers, man, we'll bring the sound
And the music will be heard from miles and miles around
We got songs of redemption, songs of war
We got songs like this that can pack the dance floor


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