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Saint - k**ers And The Destroyers lyrics

The k**ers and the destroyers
These kings of doom rule the world
Yet we're not aware
You can't see them and no you can't here them
Their evil deeds reflect the prince of the power of air

In this world of confusion
Who knows wrong from right
There may be no tomorrow
Can't give up the fight

The k**ers and the destroyers
They'll go through anything
Just to rip off your soul
They have no mercy
Just words of deception
These keen offenders are reaching from down below
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Some men cruse down the fast lane
Some get off the trail
k**ers time it's all borrowed
He'll pay his dept to hell


The k**ers and the destroyers
From Babylon they heard the cries that were ushering forth
They boiled babies
They k**ed by the thousands
And in the end they'll have no remorse

k**er, destroyer!
k**er, destroyer!
k**er, destroyer!

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