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Saint - The Spirit lyrics

Oh the book of prophesy
Time's end is at hand
The writer sentence to the rock
Sees visions of the end
Write the word that's spoken
Write the things you see
Send it to the seven churches
For all the world, creations heed
And the spirit to the church says
And the spirit to the church says
To the churches give instruction
I'm the way to be redeemed
Shine the light of my induction
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Tell them I will set them free
This you have I know it's true
You hate the deeds men of evil do
Like the fate of Jezebel
I gave them time and they choose hell
To the churches now you write
I know your deeds, I know your flight
When the devil drags you down
I'm your defense I am your crown
And when you're feeling on the spot
You're nether cool you're nether hot
So filthy rich, a heart of stone
Repent, seek me at the fathers throne

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