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Saint - Reaping The Flesh lyrics

Robed with white fine linen
His bride behind the truth
He's waging war and concerning
false prophet and the beast are through
His robe is dipped and stained with blood
His eye's a flame of fire
To take abominations sons
To squeeze the press to judge defilers
Reaping the flesh
Birds of prey they hover
A feast is called to earth
The doom of kingdoms power
The final kingdom curse
Fly down to devour
Ripping hearts and flesh
Birds of prey where dead men lay
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And take their finial breath
The birds of prey they gather
The finial feast delight
The scoffers and the blasphemers
They've got them in their sight
And know the beast and prophet
Thrown in the lake of fire
To burn in their eternity
Their flesh to feed eternal fire
Tierney is over
Evils overthrown
Satan cast into the pit
It's his eternal throne
Through the smoke and fire
He'll give another try
Disintegrated instantly
Into the lake now say goodbye

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