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Saint - Too Many lyrics

I've read the book of mysteries
And pondered by the sea
About a world broke in two
And how it came to be
When guidelines set before us
From The Ancient of Days
In time we took the easy road
And went out our own way

Too many People
Living in darkness and fear
Too many faces
Refusing to look in the mirror
Too many leaders
Forgetting the foundation laid
Too many preachers
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Forgetting the price that was paid

And through the ages
We have seen morality decay
The way the world the flesh the devil
Has pulled us all astray
We turned our backs on righteousness
We are men with out guile
We spared the rod spoiled the child
We're living in a world gone wild

And the world is spinning out of our control
Our liberties and justice all but gone
And as liberalism flourished and abound
We flew the flag of our own choice
And wonder what went wrong

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