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Saint - Half A Time's Measure lyrics

And you should see it
The faces of pain
Death has his grip on them in the rail cars
The monsters insane.

Four years of torment
Forgotten alone
How long oh Lord will you leave us to die?
Forsaking your own.

(In the rail cars rage and hate)
(Consumed the Aryan smile)
(Out cast Jew to met their fate)
(Convicted with no trial.)

(Times, Times tickin half a times measure)
(Times, Times tickin half a time)
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(Times, Times tickin half a times measure)
(Times, Times tickin time)

And the subhuman
Lead by the clone's purification of all of mankind
The burning cargo
The final solution
The scapegoats in play
Still twitching alive in the railcars of death
Their gassing today

Heinrich's henchmen play their cards
As Hitler takes the lead
So many wars will come and go
As prophesy proceeds
The center stage is Israel
The place and the crime scene
A sign that leads us to the end
The time is here lets not pretend

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