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Saint Sinner (a.k.a. Saintfed) - What's happenin' lyrics

What the f** happenin' in our world?
I'm sick of it! When will it end? God damn it!

My knees are weak, cuz our world without peace, no justice, no rules!
Everywhere these f**ing problems, but i know we must it stop!
It seems that's never over, but i supposed to be stronger than it!
Everything around us only is - crimes, murders, d** - STOP! I am fed up it! That's enough!
Wants to say all i guess, but why i can't i do it right now?
I got a stress of it! Maybe cuz am i unknown?
Who's goin to listen a wanderer guy from the deep abyss?
I think only too people feel a burning fire under the a**!
I never had to deal with d**, but i know what is this sh**
It's like you don't feel the ground under one of the feet
Still got to say something that i hate the fake cops!
And i doubt somebody like the fake cops, so f**'em and f** d**!
Government just can take all this crap and stick in the a**!
I sayin' right words about this motherf**ing sh** i guess
And i got a question, where is the government when it's necessary to people?
Now attention, sittin at the a** and keep spendin' our money - simply!
Do you think it's funny? No i don't!
At the same time other people have nothing behind the back
Heaven becomes black. Many people are not happy in this life...
I also feel in my back a knife. f** this life!
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Our life never be better because, everybody's give a f** our troubles cuz
These issues concern only us - second rate people!
Not president,not government, maybe that's too loud statement from me?
But i don't give a f**! Maybe am i just hit the bucket?
I mean that also care about every bean, and where can i earn a lot?
At the prestigious job? - No, shut it up!
And the Streets are buried in d**, crimes, and poor
Hurry up, close your door and get out of there soon!
This black mist also gettin into in my room
Today i'm sure that "completely immersed" in this gloom
sh**'s pouring out from every break, and i got a many ways
But that place where i living has not a chance!
Second chance for another life. God has forgotten about this place
People strugglin' against it like in motherf**in plague's age
f**in' birth place didn't help me to be away from it
Maybe that's my mistake, but im not a teddy boy - sh**!
Trouble in us, trouble is not in the world
But i'm tryin all this dirt a lil' bit cleansin' my word
Everyone should protectin' own family and life, from that sh**, but here's mine!
I guess that almost achieved my last straw, it's my fine line!
In conclusion i just wanna to say only one
f** everything it! I'm breakin this wall for myself - son

f** dat crimes, d**, and poor. I'm closing my door...

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