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Saint Sinner (a.k.a. Saintfed) - The hate lyrics

Hate! yeah i said hate! You don't have heard it. Hate!
It's everywhere...

Hate is here. What does it mean hate?
Hate everything around me, seems i'm like a renegade
I could avoid all that, but already too late!
Fully stuck in this crap, that's my own state!
I'm not agressive person, but i too can get fed up!
Gimme only important reason and you'll don't even stop me!
I dream leave this hate, leave this place
Get out of that trap, see no familiar face
To live own world, with own rules, be friends own fools
But only one thing that holdin' me - it's my family
For the sake of'em i tolerate all this laugh at me. Deeper immerse in this
Often in my life people insulted me, tellin' me
That i'm useless, don't capable smart to think
And finally i found myself in the some thing...

Hate is here. What does it mean hate?
Hate everything, cuz people call me a freak
Cuz i don't speak, i don't behave like everybody
They're might be thinkin' i'm from another planet, buddy
I guess in my life i've done a lot of wrong things
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Now i feel bad of it, even my shadow tryin escape from me
It doesn't want to be near, shadow has a fear
Sometimes seems my life's like a movie
And i'm often starring role of loser that truly
Me often f**in' up, same time many got a ups
But if i catch the luck, then i should share something back, i'm stuck
Recently i wake up askin' myself:
Where is my spot in this f**in' world?
I still lookin' for a clue, still hold this reason through my head
Ough wait... this is it!

Hate is here. What does it mean hate?
I lost my relatives, remainded commemorate
I ain't broke, ain't give up, and never be down!
I always keep fightin' especially right now!
No matter what's a surprise the fate brings me next time
I'll overcome it all until ain't come the last chime
I'm not alone, but sometimes feels like lonely
I'm like a wolf in the forest, but only
See nobody of my flock, no more of'em!
Void in my eyes, feels someone's decimate all of'em!
I'll find out for sure what's the f**in matter
I have been really tired of it, trouble's splatters
I go out at street, headphones blaring this sh**, a cap on my eyes
I don't wanna see or hear this world anymore!

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