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Saint Sinner (a.k.a. Saintfed) - My feelings lyrics

In 2012 i again returned to rap after long time break
Myself decided to do it
Thanks a lot by Eminem's song "No apologies" i did it!
For example if few years ago to me told, that i'll be relate with rap music
I would have not believed. Now i fixated on it!
Yeah i can delete all songs in my music player
But it doesn't remove from my soul, thats like a prayer
Music talks to me, i can't live without it
I started to rap long time ago - cuz i love it!
Always liked rap, i can't explain this deed!
Deep down it's something especial. I feel this sh**!
Something that always can inspirin' me and near to be
My friend that never leaves, always gimme help hand
Stay closer to me, get rid off of all my enemys
That's my gun that i can to pop in any minute
You immediately realize that i'm genius
As soon as you'll get verbal shot back. You'll can't even talk back
While i'm spillin' my rap like a f**in' finger snap
With my step up my sk**s only's getting up
Don't even expect f**ed up of me cuz only that you can see is
Rap that's all i got, i've just could not give a f** about it!
Thanks a lot Lord for this talent, that once i have got
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Confess, before i tried to write rap with thought to become famous
Get rich, wouldn't be nameless
But now i've realized it's not important
With false fame you acquire only shame, and then remains to blame yourself
You need to put in the songs your soul, guy. Everything else will come with time
Yeah maybe it's silly to write English in country
Where's this language knows only a few
But it's only my view! I do it for myself!
Not for someone! And i dont need no f**ing help!
Very often so much thoughts climbin' into my head
Then i need to gatherin' them just for meaning it's like a puzzle man!
Maybe i writin very strange but who needs it gon' understand
I write it as it comes to my head, sometimes it's impossible ain't to write
I do it cuz i found a way to express myself in the life
I don't know if i'll write music until the ends of my days
I will try until not disappear my last hole light
But in this period of life i should bound yourself with rap music
It just always helps me to overcome all hardships on my way
Maybe one day i'll wake up and understand that i can't write anymore!
But better don't think aboit it
But if it happens let it be just a bad dream, no more

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