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Saint Kwam - WWD lyrics

Verse: Saint Kwam


World Wide Domination
Dedicated, detonated, flexing on em'
Dropping bombs at your station
I been slaving to restore the feeling you've been craving
f** being complacent, going out all guns blazing (Braaaah!)
I used to pray to God to save me
From all the drama and the hatred but I realized thats the sh** that made me
I am being tested on the daily; either it's a lesson or a blessing Can't regret it if I can't change it
I had to mix the persistence with the patience
But I'm taking all this liquor to the face, no chaser
I might have to pull up on you, text your location
And I hope you really bought it 'cause your body so brazy
Oh my God!
Watching all my goals unfold like her legs do
Just bagged a queen, plotting on my next chess move
Probably be a scheme just to bring these fat checks through
sh**ting on these haters I can't even find the restroom
Out of this world got me feeling the Neptunes
Hop up in my spaceship, it got plenty legroom
So kick back and enjoy the manifesto
Running on these tracks I might need to cop some Prestos
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Inject flows through your veins like an IV
Better get ready 'cause my wave a Tsunami
And I rock steady hot n***a like I'm Bobby
You don't wanna see them dread n***as in your lobby
Nooooo! Don't get it twisted(Twista) Kamikaze
Just because my art level on Murakami
Some of these fake ninjas thinking they can try me
Samurai Jack and my raps like wasabi (Woooo!)
On my V.Lone like I'm Bari cause n***as quick to switch up on you then tell you sorry
n***as in the hood holding lamas like they Dalai
I'm just really trynna bring the peace like I'm Gandhi
Saint Kwam. Oh you thought it was a hobby?
'Bout to build the empire need me a Taraji
Climbing up the steps to success call me Rocky
Feeling like a don(dawn) mama see her son(sun) rising
Dropped this for my real n***as something they can vibe with
No time to make excuses I'm just making these deposits
I am not phased cause I know that it's a process
And my day 1 fam they can hear the progress
My life is a movie and you watching it on Imax
Empty out my lungs on these drums and these hi-hats
Do what I does watch my buzz hit a climax
And they show me love from the 'burbs to the projects
Do this for the kids that will never let their dreams die
Sticking to the plan even when it doesn't seem right
Before it was slow now all I see is green lights
One shot at life you don't really get no rewrites
World Wide Domination

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