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Saint George - Wizard lyrics

Ayo shouts out King Bee for this one, man
I got that

[Verse 1]
I got that woodgrain engrained in my mental
That suicide note that I wrote with a #2 pencil
Going broke from the 'preme, and the lean, and the lentil soup
I need loot to afford organic
On the come up, meticulously plan it
But it's like namek, I'm on another planet god dammit
And I can't keep my head straight
Oh you don't bake? no I won't break bread with no dead weight
I'm making sure your b**h is fed cake
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If you in my district then we aiming from a distance at your chestplate
Inner mind twisted, head nah straight
Got a short temper, this ain't a DMZ i'll leave you dead, mate
I'm hyper dubbed off some stepped on coke and swishers
So ratchet bro I might take both your b**hes
Next day though it's like I don't know those b**hes
Next day though it's like I don't know those b**hes!
(Sample: Electric Wizard- Wizard In Black)
Super vicious, moving pictures i'm the super villain
Too many roosters in your coup, your crew could use some thinning
I know it's so cliche to say, but I'm so used to winning
And when we swinging on them bats there ain't no extra innings
Crack, your skull crack over the sound of this
Ask me where I come from, sh**, I been around a bit
I'll drown a b**h with little clemency
f** what you thinking or you heard
It's f** your life and f** your b**h forever, Nerd

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