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Saint George - Slow Motion lyrics

[Verse 1]
Draped in most expensive linens
Trap house built into a mountain like a super villain
Roster full of roosters and cam b**hes and vicious k**ers
Listening to k**a cam cam ye counting digits
(Sample: k**a Cam by Cam'ron)
My wrist is hot all this water whipping causing friction
Never catch me say a prayer to god this kitchen my religion
Hit the hilton meet my dealer get some molly and some chicken
Razala drop that sh** in fiji water stir it, mix it
I don't keep b**hes on call, I just let b**hes make calls
I don't ever shop at the mall, Buy Astrid on my iPhone
My exes all have excellent wardrobes and aesthetics
So i guess that getting on this dick is the same as having stylists
I got a b**h who got me Cav Empt for my b day
I got a b**h who DJ, 5 for the replay
I'm in the mountains with my goons doing spooky sh**
Catch me on them wheels i'm moving quick

I'm moving fast on that four wheeler, slow motion
I'm moving fast on that four wheeler, slow motion
I got a four wheeler and I got that payload
Bounty on the head of everybody that you pray for
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I'm moving fast on that four wheeler, slow motion
I'm moving fast on that four wheeler, slow motion
I'm 'bout to cop a ring that I ain't even play for
'bout to get a grip of sh** that I ain't even play for

[Verse 2]
This black ma** sh**, ten hits of bad acid
Hazardous this magic, pa**ing out in back sh**
I'm in the cut, I'm cutting up, I'm double cup, I'm cupping butts
f**ing up this punctuation y'all are lame as f**
I just want some new shoes, so you gone pay me
Paypal money coming in like crazy
And you won't slay me or none of my dogs
Spend the time cooking dinner Ye spend at the mall
RIP to Rashad, i got the keys to the car
We fanboys shout out Teklife when we in the club
I need a b**h with butt, I need some xan in my stomach
And she ain't f**ing less she got friends for all of my buddies
We riding through the woods looking like some ghosts or something
I don't need rings on my rick so use a coaster homie
Known as anti social, bro, so know that we ain't close or homies
I seen that man die and damn it hit close to home


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