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Saint George - Schedule II lyrics

I ain't scared to die, I got nothing to lose
Off them schedule two's, I be off them schedule two's
I'm f**ing with your b**h but I ain't f**ing with your crew
Off them schedule II's, I be off them schedule II's

[Verse 1]
I'm 'bout that all black, hoods up
Candles in the woods stuff
Nose well adept at process-handling that good stuff
And I been up a couple weeks at least, doing some hood stuff
Without sleep, sometimes I don't eat I just do good d**
Imbibing kind of quality alcohols anonymously
Posted in the back ingesting pressies like it's '93
And I ought to be impressed by the ecstasy my connect has had
He ought to get a gold medal for that sh** he peddling
Lately I been meddling in witchcraft
Unsettling depictions of black ma** and fat a**, promethazine
You better know I'm better than, any of your bretheren
See any men I deaded them, machete boy beheaded them
I been about heavy medicine since i was nine or ten
And i would wake at eight or nine AM and let the devil in
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He settled in, now I thank my skeletons for benjamins
But keep 'em locked in storage I ain't trying to catch a felony


[Verse 2]
Them schedule two's got me wired, high adrenaline, perspire
Metal in your insides and flesh between my incisors
I recommend silence, you not tryna coincide with the sides of my knife, or the size of my dick
I get busy as a bee on my bike grips
Black cat walk across your path in moonlight sh**
Really run a tight ship, really got a dice b**h
Got a lot of swag, I own a lot of nice sh**
So like, dude, don't look at my girl unless you trying to die
And like, don't look at my shoes unless you trying to die
Don't ask me about my tattoos unless you trying to die
You wack backpack rap a** friendzone loser

Yeah, so take me to your dealer please
I'm looking for some pills, and someone who can tie me up and take my dick out


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