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Saint George - I Don't Put On For My City lyrics

[Verse 1: Saint George]
First quarter 2016, and I still ain't got no Yeezy Boosts
So I'm lamping out with my whole crew
Getting too turnt at the dollar scoop
And I don't like going outside, I just stay home and watch Bruce LaBruce
I don't f** with whatever y'all losers do, y'all can lose your head and i'm a use my cool
I know all your secrets, I know where you sleeping
You need to be way more discrete
Please do not test this almighty, my signature finish will leave you asleep in the streets
(Dead) Don't make a peep
Don't exit the fortress, I stay in the keep
I been up the whole time, not sleeping for weeks
I got goons in designer looking like grim reap
And man I don't mean no offense
But i really don't mesh with your friends' aesthetic
And I think this track would be better with
None of your credits
And please do not rap in my ear in the present
God damn
All I wanna do is get lit, not hear bull sh**
"metaphysical, spiritual, lyrical" blah blah blah blah
Peace love miracles, literally quit
You the reason why

I don't put on for my city
I don't put on for my city
I don't put on for my city
I don't put on for my city

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I don't put on for my city
f** everybody in it
You can be against my team
But swear to god that we gon' get it
I don't f** with my city
I'm a k** a f**ing hippie
Put his body in the dirt
We don't show no f**ing pity

[Verse 2: Saint George]
I don't put on for my city I stay in the house
f** every corny a** rapper that's out in my city right now
I'm f**ing your b**h in a high-fashion surgical mask on the couch
She wearing those knock-off Zanotti's you got her, I'm calling her out while you calling her now
Yeah, I just been watching your methods and etiquette
You let it get to your head i'm ahead of it
Even when hedonist tendencies getting the best of the kid i'm consistently better than
All of your friends and your bretheren
Y'all need a sitter or something, really consider your options
Anything cool that you do i'm a top it
Any empire you build, i'm a topple it
I am not putting on for my metropolis
Really i'm feeling myself, i'm a god and sh**
We be the mob and sh**
All of your singles are corn on the cob and sh**
Yeah, all of your garments are totally sloppy
And all of your squad is identical copies
Of me like a year ago, that's why I'm cocky
Cuz nothing can stop me, and all of you not me


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