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Saint George - Da Intro 2 Hedonism lyrics

[Verse 1: Saint George]
Okay then, I ain't gave a f** bout a b**h
Since July last year, bro, I'm done with that bullsh**
Now I'm on the grind full time
Got a full stomach, full cup, Coming with a full clip
Yeah I'm sipping lean with the sonic ice
Trunk full of snuff tapes, about to hit a lick with
Go on and sit your a** at the kids table
Hell no you can't sip this liquid
My squad is k**ers, my squad is dealers
Your squad photography majors
We look the same in their pictures
As long as your people concealing their labels
I'm about to get me ceviche from nobu, to go
'cuz I ain't got no time for a table
Eat it outside of Lord Phaser's audi
Cuz detailing's not something I want to pay for, Yeah
And I do a whole lot of coke
Not talking 'bout chains when I'm talking 'bout rope
And you know I'm easily provoked
Don't look me in the eye if man's trynna smoke
I probably got to be dipping out
Late for a nine o'clock date with your b**h right now
I got some A1 and xans and a fifth right now
I gotta chill 'cuz this sh** getting real right now

[Bridge: Saint George]
Hedonism is defined as a pursuit of pleasure above all things
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That's a lifestyle, advanced sh**
Tap into your lizard brain, f** your chakras up!

[Verse 2: Saint George]
Yeah, this the year of the hedonistic
Me a misfit with a grip of the whit in the whip
With a d**h wish, that explain my ex b**h
Take a dip of this sh**, I'm trynna get wet, b**h
OK, let 'em know the tech lit
Let 'em know we in the sprawl city, hi tech sh**
Tec spit like a bird I ain't having s** with
Crash override, run the city off the net sh**, yeah!
My life is a movie directed by Jess Franco
Blood s**er man a vampire who stick you for your bankroll
I'm a stick you for some yayo, or whatever, just on principal
If fuccboi's think they clever I'm a let 'em know (Let 'em know)
f**ing these b**hes that's allies and activists
Spilling my actavis all on they mattresses
I been up, savage sh**
You smoking babbage sh**
Swear on my life that you better not pa** that sh**, yeah
I'm blowing loud in the pa**enger
System the blower, I'm casual damager
I just been planning and planning my sh**
In between moments of overly lit
In between moments of holding your b**h
And owning my sh**, you know this is it
The intro to hedonism

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