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Saint George - Black Magic lyrics

I like bad b**hes and black magic
Automatics and bad habits
I know kung fu, I do voodoo
You step, in a minute, it's mad tragic
Ain't slept in a minute i'm mad spastic
Eyes looking like a crack addict's
Don't f** with this goon squad
Unless you wanna end up in two, god
Yeah, ride down the left hand path like Crowley
Left hand full of fat a** from the valley
Right hand strapped 'cuz i be tech savvy
Damn, f** your weed from cali
Where i'm from that sh** ain't even average
Suffer from a chemical imbalance
So it only takes a couple seconds to get savage

[Hook: Hook Mang]
Black Magic, Bad Habits, Voodoo
No sleep, we don't eat we fully loaded, hoe
That magic got you reaping what you sow
If you ain't sap then you should know
If you ain't sap you gotta go

[Verse 2: Saint George]
New to the game but I been high
Probably why your b**h call me senpai
Jacked in a Hosaka Ono-Sendai
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Tipping bottles of Sugata watching hentai
I got an 89 bootleg guinea pig tape
And a b**h in a sweater from Winnipeg
I got walkman, half gram of coke
And a big skeng, you can come get a little bit
Yeah tell a man he need to chill a bit
Tell a man that he better settle down ‘for we settle sh**
Come to your house like straw dogs
Like aw god damn that's an out of court settlement
I'm at the crib watching Teshigahara got a
Nine in my lap if a k**a ring
Drugs got me feeling MC Ride
In the club we be yelling out guillotine

Now, when you get into one of these groups
There's only a couple ways you can get out;
One is d**h, and the other is mental institutions

[Outro: Hook Mang]
Black Magic, Bad Habits
Black Magic, Bad Habits
Black Magic, Bad Habits, Black Magic, Bad Habits
It's Black Magic
It's Black Magic

It's Sap Magic, b**h

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