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Saint George - 5x 4 RWD lyrics

[Verse 1: Saint George]
Ok, lets light another one
Set ‘em up, seventh son of a seventh son
Only me and mine remain when it's said and done
All of you and yours remains when it said and done
Get it in the gutter in the guetto then i flip it
Runnin in the cut and sh** i'm hacking in the gibson
Goon squad fulla banjee boys and bad b**hes
Who'll eat you for a snack cuz they really savages
f** your advantages, better get bandages
I'm putting numbers on the board til they ban digits
Damn, get it, i'm the man, get it?
Jodorowsky badboy with some bad b**hes
It's a mad ting, boy!
Like i got on raf and helmut at the same time
Me and Kin f** a b**h with the same line
I could shoot your whole crew with the same nine
It'd be like shooting frees from the three line

[Bridge: Saint George]
See my people in the back wearing all black
With some bad b**hes doing off white in they rick owens
On point, one time hold it down for the leather crew
Raw motherf**ers with they tits or they dicks showin
And it's five for the rewind
It's five for the rewind
And it's five for the rewind

[Hook: Saint George]
Yeah it's five for the rewind, five for the rewind
Yeah it's five for the rewind, five for the rewind
Tell the DJ he better wheel that sh**
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Let ya guns go off if you feel that sh**
Tell the DJ he better wheel that sh**
Let ya guns go off if you real as sh**

[Verse 2: Saint George]
One, this one dedicated to all rude boys
With a coke habit and a few guns, shoot something
Bet dem p**yholes ain't gonna do nothin
Who bluffing, who wanna roulette who russian
Huh? just let me know
Just bought a brand new semi wanna let it go
1 bullet , bet he left a note
No letterhead, you can bet he better off left alone
I been at the crib with the phones off
Looking through the blinds with a nine got a site on it
Any body wanna come for me they gotta die, homie
Shot five times broad day or the night homie
Yeah, young insomniac
Young where the backwoods and chronic at, young
Where my dollars at?
Young no doubt bet your b**h hollaback

[Bridge: Saint George]
See me too turnt up like my eyes rolled back
Way past black out but i can't back out now
It's boutta crack now bottles finna smash
Got these hoes throwing a** whole squad boutta act out


Hey shouts out sap boys, shouts out kin, man. Sap world forever man

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