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Saint Deamon - In Shadows Lost From The Brave lyrics

In Shadows Lost From The Brave
Saint Deamon
Trappe in the dark where the sun don´t shine
No one escape from these eyes
He´s chasing you down
Until you surrender your soul
The reaper has come from the land of d**h
To bring back he´s sadness to all
That somehow true believe
That goodness can heal
You inside

We stand against his deamons now
So over come your fear
I´ve seen the sign the final fight is here
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My heart is aching forever
Evil is coming your way
Don´t want to be bound here together
In shadows lost from the brave

If we´re unitet we can proclaim
The victory over he´s troops
His insanity dies
A new day will soon arise

I once was lost but now I found
My strength deep down in my past
And I believe eternity will come to those
That will play their part at last

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