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Saint Andrews - Pound Cake Freestyle lyrics

[Verse 1]

You n***as is lemon pound cake
Gotta group you with women because you just sound fake
You let the coupe lose the ceiling, I know that sounds great
But you wish you knew the feeling of when the ground breaks
When you drop bars that frauds try to downplay
Everybody's King, I'm gonna k** them to keep the crown safe
n***as won't be the villain because it don't sound safe
I know that's why you sound safe
And I'm sounding like a win in the playoffs b**h
And you're sounding like Tommy on his day off sh**
You say you're on it, you ain't got no job
n***as waiting for their turn, the doors got no knob
I'm a predator, these n***as ain't got no bars
These n***as prey to me, they ain't got no God
I'm from over East where n***as just show their teeth
Couple of n***as real, couple got colder feet
They see other n***as got it, they're fiendin' like Jodeci
Money can spoil n***as, they'll heat you for older beef

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[Verse 2]

Let it breathe
If n***as walking out on a dream, then let them leave
You're looking for better locks, I'm looking for better keys
They got middle school minds, n***a that's Letter B, pop them
Saint ain't never worried, he knows Jesus got him
Either rap it or sell it, c**aina options
Catch me on the first thing smoking
Getting to the block, Ibaka when the lane's open
Stand out, White carpet with a stain soaking
I'm that n***a, but you'll never see me claim token
You n***as claim bogus sh**
I'm the elephant in the room and elephants don't forget
And all that pillow talking, embellishing's getting snipped
Can't take shots I'm throwing, I tell them to get a grip
Scoring like Scorcese, Good fellas get a clip
Can't rob me, send me to hell before you get a cent
Life's changing, this is one hell of an event
Trying to be on top, I'm in the cellar of this sh**
Please tell them I'm the sh**
I'm gonna tell them get this motherf**ing cake

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