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Saint Andrews - Pound Cake Freestyle lyrics

[Verse 1]

You niggas is lemon pound cake
Gotta group you with women because you just sound fake
You let the coupe lose the ceiling, I know that sounds great
But you wish you knew the feeling of when the ground breaks
When you drop bars that frauds try to downplay
Everybody's King, I'm gonna kill them to keep the crown safe
Niggas won't be the villain because it don't sound safe
I know that's why you sound safe
And I'm sounding like a win in the playoffs bitch
And you're sounding like Tommy on his day off shit
You say you're on it, you ain't got no job
Niggas waiting for their turn, the doors got no knob
I'm a predator, these niggas ain't got no bars
These niggas prey to me, they ain't got no God
I'm from over East where niggas just show their teeth
Couple of niggas real, couple got colder feet
They see other niggas got it, they're fiendin' like Jodeci
Money can spoil niggas, they'll heat you for older beef

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[Verse 2]

Let it breathe
If niggas walking out on a dream, then let them leave
You're looking for better locks, I'm looking for better keys
They got middle school minds, nigga that's Letter B, pop them
Saint ain't never worried, he knows Jesus got him
Either rap it or sell it, cocaina options
Catch me on the first thing smoking
Getting to the block, Ibaka when the lane's open
Stand out, White carpet with a stain soaking
I'm that nigga, but you'll never see me claim token
You niggas claim bogus shit
I'm the elephant in the room and elephants don't forget
And all that pillow talking, embellishing's getting snipped
Can't take shots I'm throwing, I tell them to get a grip
Scoring like Scorcese, Good fellas get a clip
Can't rob me, send me to hell before you get a cent
Life's changing, this is one hell of an event
Trying to be on top, I'm in the cellar of this shit
Please tell them I'm the shit
I'm gonna tell them get this motherfucking cake

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