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Saint Andrews - Homicidal Lions lyrics

[Verse 1]
Days like this I feel fine
All of my complaints are still mine
Chained behind a wide smile
Forgive me if they try to climb out
All of my words pacing ahead of reluctance
Listening to music devoid of all substance
Just an earnest delivery that resonates
I couldn't be in a better place

[Bridge 1]

And my mind races
Like memories are homicidal lions going for the kill

[Verse 2]
So I act in self defense
Fuck the past, never did shit but haunt me
All my dreams ever did was taunt me
Two laughs do the same as two shots
Two words do the same as two Glocks

[Bridge 2]

And my life feels like these tragedies
Are waiting around the corner to save my life

[Verse 3]

So I bite my tongue, put the safety on
And pray to God that it never backfires
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I pray to God that I never rap tight
Great responsibility when you're working with power
No victory when you're hurting coward
Time don't pass when you're counting the hours
I don't watch, I wait

[Bridge 3]

And my soul attracts the broken
But my hands are as untested as a failure that never tried before

[Verse 4]

But I'll try to fix you
And I'll try to get through
Whatever wall you built high
While you're chasing a real high
Adrenaline for a generation
That's stuck in emotional comas
No voice inflections to reflect them
So let me change the tone up

[Bridge 4]

And I'm as nonchalant as waves
As they clamor for the shore at the end of the world
Is this the end of the world?
If it is, I'm alright
Because I'm anxious just to see what's next
Because I'm anxious just to see what's next
All by myself
All by myself

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