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SaDiCi - Zach's Song lyrics

[Verse 1]
Sometimes i thank god, I'm alive and i pray
That I'm finding a way in this life, I'm blessed breathing today
An introduction isn't needed, pay attention as I'm speaking
From a friends point of view that you're hearing
I'm just bleeding how I'm feeling with some words
A verse could never capture, in search of deeper answers
To questions that i can't understand fully
Dry and wipe my eyes as i recite my story
A side that i be showing, inside i kept it in
But a friend that i had, isn't with us and it haunts me
Why we could have so much but feeling sorry for ourselves
To the point that we just break and we snap
Family drained with him love, but a stain from the past
Can never wiped, by eleven his life was almost taken
My moms took him in, i met him i was scared, he was friendly
But I'm not sure what he was like, till time pa**ed
He was honest, no problems it seemed
He was staying with us but behind it all
He was taking ecstasy and a lot of the weed
Empty pockets, no dollars to start up a dream
So much potential, he was loved by everybody
It was hard to believe, it was hard to believe

You can never understand
You can never understand
You can never understand
You can never

[Verse 2]
It was hard to believe, he was genuine, sweet
All the sudden no desires, no longer wanting to breathe
The memories running through my head, my last conversation
Had my mind racing more than ever, i was pacing back and forth
Cuz i called him and he told me he had enough of living
His time had the reached ending, i didn't wanna listen
Me and mom went to visit, she went in
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He ended his life right in his room, took his own life
Everything was a blur, Soon as i heard the beginning of her words
I started crying like i never cried before, my legs hitting the floor
Feeling like my heart, man somebody had torn
At any moment, with no warning i might lose it yo
I couldn't imagine going the funeral, too real for me to go
It got me thinking, on the cliche
Don't judge a book by its cover
His d**h still leaves me so puzzled
He was the most caring, he would talk to anybody
About anything to make em' feel good
I keep on thinking what would have happened
If his actions were changed, and had the intentions to be here today


[Verse 3]
Nobody understand how i feel
And a lot of my peers try to understand it
But his image appears, in my mind
His whole life was just wasted in vain
He had a talent for art, and he might have been great
You prolly think its one life and why i can't get over it
You prolly never experienced hopelessness
Losing a closest one, to a suicide, just makes it more personal
He's in a better place, but his sister today
I know that its hurting you, its only been a year
And you prolly can't sleep cuz you wishing he was here
But you gotta remain positive
God can take, God can give
Obstacles make it impossible to wanna live
I wonder if he gave a thought about the people that needed him
What if he stayed, overcame the odd, defeated it
No remote control to rewind to be repeating it
Sometimes i question too, whats my purpose in life
The more i think about it, it hurts cuz i really can't find
But i know i will, i just gotta get give it some time
Sometimes i think he was selfish doing what he did
Its easy to go, only a strong mind can resist

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