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SaDiCi - This Is Music lyrics

Music, music, step in the studio I lose it
I spew it, now watch how I do this, do this
But the truth is
That I'm music, music
Tune it, to see how it do this
The beat that I'm using ain't problem
All I got with me is a dollar, a dream from Toronto
I wait and wait, I'm patient only god knows
When ill make it, hit the models
Bottles, at the parking lot up in McDonald's
My heart is seeming hollow
This art is all I got tho
Look at the way I'm spitting it, all my rhymes unlimited
Like Fab' you know I'm k**ing em', its vivid b**h
I know
I'm denting your bars, amazing sh**
Save it pricks, save it b**h, no time for relationships
I k** everydamn time with the P.E.N
I'm spraying L.E.A.D, Call me PAC or B.I.G
Call me Eazy-E or D.R.E
OMG, did he just call himself a L.E.G.E.N.D?
The last 3 words goes for those who try to challenge me
Hello nice to meet you, but I'm at another galaxy
I mastered this, with the pad and pen, I'm back attacking them
On a spaceship when I made this thing
You whack emcees better not live it up
I got my middle fingers up, cuz I don't give a f**
f** the world, till I bust a nut
sh**, life's a b**h, and she on my dick, but I haven't even touched this slut
Bust the guns, pa pa pa, down to one
Are you suicidal, well who am I to just judge you by what you have bottled
Your emotions don't mean sh**
Take you off the scene quick
You must be on some lean tip
Leaning, or buzzed some weed hits
I'm with the dimes, with all the ice inside my little mean whip
Music, music, this is muthaf**ing music
LM is the movement, now watch how I do this
Get in the studio, I lose it
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I spit my sh**, while your sitting there all clueless
But the truth is that I'm k**ing it
I rap like there's no limit b**h
Enemies better send them quick
To be finished with
My flow just so venomous
I overdose on medicine
This microphone is pressed against
I hope that all these sentences
Is dope and send some messages
Beast mode, beast mode, homie I'm in beast mode
Y'all falling in a deep hole
I'm balling with my mean flows
Tell B.O.B that he was lost in the weed smoke
Beast mode, beast mode, muthaf**in beast mode
Tick and tock, the clock is almost over, but y'all missing shot like Shaq on the free throw
Sweetest lyricist at 16
I k** you pussies period if you test me
Are you serious, you against me
Isn't a challenge, its a step down
I'm climbing to the top, like b**h you better step down
All these rappers need to step down
Mo one f**s with me, if they did will their dead now
If not, then they fled down, hip-hop running through veins
At 24 ill run the game, you don't believe that, your must be insane
Chilling with the boys
Hearing all this noise
Your telling me, I'm tryna ignore it
Sahib, helping out with the movement
My producers helping out to just do this
Music, music, muthaf**in music
Step in the studio, and lose it
Don't try nuthin stupid
I don't need no one else, I need theme f** it
From you people it seems that I need nothing
Cuz I only exist to you when you need something
That's music, happiness, sadness, stories
I hope that I'm never boring
Chorus, or 2 minute verses to prove sh**

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